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On April 1, 1900, a growing community of Polish people living in Jamaica founded the Society of Brotherly Help of St. Joseph. This small group of people has established, in essence, an insurance fund to help their fellow countrymen. By 1902 they have received permission from Most Rev. Charles McDonnell, the Bishop of Brooklyn, to celebrate Masses in the German Church of Blessed Virgin Mary. Their pastor, Fr. Ignacius Zeller was very open to the idea. The same year, the Bishop appointed Fr. Emil Streński as an associate in that parish. With the influx of Polish people into the area, in 1904, Bishop McDonnell appointed Fr. Streński as the pastor of a separate parish of St. Joseph, the Husband of Mary, which is the full name of our Parish, yet seldomly used.

Without hesitation, they started to look for a suitable lot for the future church. They found an old colonial house, which was modified as a temporary “church”. The purchase was closed at $4,200, paid by the bishop of Brooklyn. The first Mass was celebrated there on September 1, 1904. In two weeks' time, there was the first baptism celebrated, and in three weeks the first wedding. Immediately the community started to work on the project of their actual church. The breaking of the ground took place in March of 1907. On May 5, the cornerstone was consecrated. Within 8 months of the breaking of the ground, all construction was completely done by the Hoffman Construction company. The total cost of the project was $70,100. The newly built church of St. Joseph is 140 ft. long, 43 ft. wide, and 70 ft. tall. It has 28 rows of pews on each side. Including the balcony, it could seat 600 people, although the current official capacity is 452.

Today, 110 years later we are proud to have a community made out of over 50 countries from Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America, and Asia praising God in one church of St. Joseph, the Husband of Mary.




  1. Emil Streński 1904-1917

  2. Stanisław Rysiakiewicz 1917-1950

  3. Edward Olszewicz 1949-1950 (administrator)

  4. Jan A. Regulski 1950-1967

  5. Emil Balutowski 1967-1969

  6. Edward Mańkowski 1969 (administrator)

  7. Wincenty Pitkiewicz 1969-1992

  8. Adam Szpak, SDS 1992-1994

  9. Krzysztof Bugno, SDS 1995-1998

  10. Andrzej Kiełkowski, SDS 1998-2007

  11. Richard Zuk 2007-2010

  12. Chris J. Piasta 2010-2023

  13. Cezariusz Jastrzębski 2023 - Present

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