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Parish Month Schedule


Sunday, September 9 – Beginning of the Parish Month

Thursday, September 13 – Hand Up! Meeting for all ministers at 7:00 PM (Parish Hall)

Tuesday, September 18 – Movie night: “The Confession” at 5:00 PM, (projection starts at 5:30) featuring Alec Baldwin, Ben Kingsley (1999) 1:55 hours; R-rated (Parish Hall)


A High-powered NY litigator, hired to defend a murderer who avenged his young son's death, struggles with his own desires for success versus the moral wishes of his client to choose the path of truth. Many memorable lines are featured in the movie. After the projection, there will be a discussion. Light refreshments will be served.


Saturday, September 22 – Hand Up! Meeting for all ministers at 11:00 AM

Sunday, September 23 – GENESIS meeting in Polish after 10:45 AM Mass

Tuesday, September 25 – Greeters & Ushers Meeting at 7:00 PM

Thursday, September 27 – Lectors & Eucharistic Ministers Meeting at 7:00 PM

Sunday, September 30 – Guardian Angels Sunday

Sunday, September 30 – GENESIS Meeting in English after 9:00 AM Mass

Saturday, October 6 – Altar Servers Meeting at 11:00 AM​​

Saturday, October 6 – Oktoberfest at 6:00 PM (Parish Hall)

Sunday, October 7 – Pulaski Polish Parade in Manhattan

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