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Opening - Director of Music Ministry at St. Joseph's Church



A Director of Music at St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church in South Jamaica, Queens, develops and leads the worship music ministry for the church, in consultation with the pastor, in a way that is consistent with the mission, values, theology and spirit of Vatican II, and reflective of diversity and ethnicity of the local church community.




  • He/she plans and selects music for Sunday, holy days, and other worship services

  • Arranges songs, and directs all musical performances in live worship settings for the local community (Sundays at 9:00 AM)

  • Recruits, motivates, supervises, and shepherds musicians, both paid and volunteers as to their musical performance and professional behavior

  • Aspires to develop a state-of-the-art musical program that aims to be exceptional in this part of the city

  • Aims to create a program that attracts and leads people to worship

  • Has an exclusive ability to hire/fire musicians and volunteers as he/she sees them (un)fit for the vision and excellence of the program

  • Schedules, organizes, and conducts a regular weekly rehearsal that lasts at least 90 minutes

  • Meets with Pastor to discuss musical issues, plans, and concerns on a regular basis

  • Arrives at least 30 minutes before services and assures functionality of instruments and the sound system

  • Recommends the tuning, maintenance, replacement, and/or purchase of new musical instruments and other equipment

  • Oversees filing and general organization of the music library

  • Oversees any subscriptions (except for annual missalettes) and copyright issues pertaining to the musical sources and materials

  • Collaborates with Media Team to enhance worship experiences across all services and platforms

  • Communicates with the Coordinator of Media Ministry about musical choices at least one week before the service, or as soon as they are available

  • Collaborates with the Steel Pan Band and other standing, or impromptu groups/choirs/bands at St. Joseph’s

  • Maintains a contact list of all choir/band members and substitutes and notifies the pastor about any concerns or issues concerning personnel





  • Authentic Christian faith and relationship with God

  • Love and respect for all people

  • Committed to St. Joseph's vision, leadership, and people

  • Dependable, responsible, self-motivated and creative

  • Effective leadership and team building abilities

  • Highly relational and encouraging to others

  • Excellent public communication and worship leading skills

  • Diverse exposure to songs of the Church: past and contemporary, mainstream Catholic, as well as pan-Christian and of ethnic background

  • Flexibility and creative thinking in a rapidly growing and changing church environment

  • Passion for seeing transformation in the lives of musicians and the people of the wider local community, and beyond

  • Multi-year previous experience in church-related setting




  • Ability to work in wide range of styles including Christian classics, yet with a focus on contemporary Christian music of a wide variety

  • Ability to lead worship and to train others

  • Professional quality piano/keyboard player

  • Composing, arranging, writing, and possibly sequencing music

  • Producing and directing special events and celebrations (including, but not limited to weddings, funerals, concerts, and other kinds of worship)

  • Experience with, or strong interest in other technical aspects of contemporary services, e.g.: sound systems, video editing, live streaming, music production software (ProTools, Logic Pro, etc.)




  • The pastor will conduct a regular semi-annual evaluation of the position and performance

  • This job description may be amended at any time, in response of the change of demands

  • Salary and compensation are negotiable



Fr. Chris Piasta, 108-43 Sutphin Blvd, Jamaica, NY 11435

Phone: (718) 739-4781; Fax (718) 658-5447; Email:


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